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    hot deploy with fine-grained page xml defs

    Chris Simons Expert


      I've never quite figured out how to get Seam to reload hot changes to our *.pages.xml files and I'd like to nip this problem in the butt for good.

      We have our files designated in components.xml and there are approximately five of these files.  We do not use fine-grained pages.xml files for each XHTML page such as you may have seen before.

      Is there any way - given our configuration - to reload changes to these files without a redeploy?  The documentation seems to suggest so.  I have the hot-deploy filter established and so forth, and I've followed every tidbit of information to a tee, but Seam never picks up changes to these files.

      Our fine-grained pages.xml files are being copied in exploded-archive format to the .war/WEB-INF folder.

      We are using IntelliJ IDEA as our IDE and a plain ole' Ant script to execute our build plans.

      Seam debug mode is ON.

      Components.xml snippet:

      <!-- hot deploy filter -->
          <component name="org.jboss.seam.debug.hotDeployFilter">
            <property name="urlPattern">*.seam</property>

      Thank you for any and all assistance.

      Seam 2.2.0.GA
      WebLogic 11g with JRebel