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    General Question: Direction of Seam

    Pasqualino Imbemba Newbie


      I'm advocating the framework EJB 3.x in the company I'm working in. For the demos I'm using JBoss AS and some JSP pages, but through JBoss I came to know about Seam, and I'm currently studying the book Seam Framework Experience the Evolution of Java EE published by Prentice Hall.

      Now I discover Seam 3 and I'd like to get some info about what direction it is going to take: is Seam 2 stable and more indicated for production use than 3 right now? Will Seam 2 have a life for it's own or will it be more and more substituted by 3? In other words, does it make sense getting in-depth into 2 and then watch what happens to 3 or should I stick already to 3 right from the start?


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          Leo van den berg Master


          Just go a page back and read the Seam 3 pages. If you look at the development status, you will see that Seam 3 is basically still on the drawing board and it will some time to be at the level you want to use at your corporate level.

          The differences between Seam 2 and Seam 3 are basically architectural and important for the developers. Conceptually thinking they're the same, although the modularity of Seam 3 is one of its main advantages. I am still hesitating to jump in the deep right now  and - although I am reading manuals etc- - I am not actively using Seam 3, but I am sticking to Seam 2.


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            michel perez Newbie

            Yes use Seam 2 is a great Tool i have used it with almost 5 projects and works very well it improves so much the JEE5 and i let you this link may be it coul interest you ....KUBEKIT.... this is a set of utilities or tools that helpus to all seam programmers :) and off course the idea is to migrate it to Seam 3