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    Problem with seam example in eclipse

    Marc Marais Newbie


      I'm new to Seam and I'm trying to import the seam registration example into my eclipse environment.  I'm using Galileo, Seam 2.2.0 and JBoss 5.1.0.  I am picking up a hibernate error informing me that import org.hibernate.validator.Length cannot be resolved.  I have imported hibernate's validator jar, but this hasn't resolved the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

      Marc Marais

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          Alfred Peterson Newbie
          Hey you can check out some shortcuts..its not perhaps the solution but it can help you out to some extent..

          {SEAM_TUTORIAL} - the directory where the tutorial project, i.e. seam-tutorial, is installed on your computer

          {JBOSS_DEPLOY} - refers to the JBoss deploy directory, e.g. C:\servers\jboss 4.2.3.GA\default\deploy

          SEAM_REFIMPL} - the directory where the reference project, i.e. seam-refimpl, is installed on your computer

          {JBOSS_HOME} - refers to Jboss installation directory, e.g. C:\servers\jboss-4.2.3.GA

          {TRUNK} - the project root directory, i.e. seam-maven-refimpl

          {JBOSS_CONFIG} - refers to the configuration directory e.g. C:\servers\jboss-4.2.3.GA\default