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    extends injection @IN

    Mirek Sz Newbie

      I have

      @In SpecialInterface object

      SpecialInterface  - is not EJB or Seam bean. This is special kind of bean which I creates dynamicly. I need some way to tell seam
      'If you don't have bean to inject ask me' some listener which is invoking when seam can't resolve dependency . For example

      public Object resolveDependency(someInfoAboutFIeld){}

      Best regards

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          Rob Shepherd Newbie

          'If you don't have bean to inject ask me'

          This is the factory pattern!

          Provide a @Factory("object") method in another SEAM component which provides these types of objects.

          You've also got @Unwrap if the manager pattern is a better fit for your bean

          Good luck


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            Mirek Sz Newbie

            But @Factory has to have name of the bean. I need @Factory(SpecialInterface.class) or better @Factory(AbstractSpecialInterface.class)

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              Rob Shepherd Newbie

              No problem,

              Seam components are those that are @Named and can contain @Factorys (for example) - but the beans that are in/out-jected by seam (context varialbles) don't necessarily need to be @Name d components, they can be any arbitrary type, you can even put a type like:

              List<String> myNicknames

              into a context as a context variable.


              1. Here, for example is your business Interface.

              public interface SpecialInterface 
                   public String somethingSpecial();

              2. but these are made dynamically (depending on some other context variables maybe....) so let's make a @Factory in it's own SEAM component

              public class FactoryTest 
                   @Factory(autoCreate=true, value="mySpecialInterface")
                   public SpecialInterface getSpecialInterface()
                        return new SpecialInterface(){
                             public String somethingSpecial() {
                                  return "Seem Special?";

              3. Then when we want an instance of this Interface we can inject it, (here we use a different name than the member field)

              public class SpecialInterfaceUser 
                   @In("mySpecialInterface") SpecialInterface specialInterface;
                   @Logger Log log;
                   public void doSomething()

              Note, I just added the observer so I didn't need to write a view - and so also made sure the installation dependencies were OK (may be strictly be necessary in this case

              Et voila:

              15:45:29,483 INFO  [STDOUT] WARN  - SpecialInterfaceUser       - Seem Special?

              Hope this helps


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                Rob Shepherd Newbie

                Minor typo: May not be strictly necessary in this case.