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    Seam Navigation problem using WAP

    Francis Drake Newbie

      I've used seam framework to create lightweight page for mobile phones. It works perfect, but I found one problem with older phone - Nokia 2760. When I use 'redirect' tags in pages.xml, like returning to home.xhtml after successful login:

      <navigation from-action="#{identity.login}">
                              <rule if="#{identity.loggedIn}">
                                      <redirect view-id="/home.xhtml" />

      The mobile says This request will be redirected to another server, continue?. I have to accept 6 times and finally I got message Unsupported material type and I can only cancel. Then I reload the page and I see I am logged in, obviously redirect problem. Does anyone got a clue why this mechanism results in redirecting to another server? All request are inside one server and one web app, I use

      <a href="#{request.contextPath}/myPage.xhtml">

      to navigate through page and this works perfect. This mobile supports WAP 2.0 and XHTML documents.