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    Sascha Hoffmann Newbie

      Hey all

      I have a little problem with my jboss 5.1 and 6.0

      I've tried to deploy my application but I get a java.io.FileNotFoundException for the following files

      - jboss-seam.jar
      - app.jar
      - jboss-seam-ui.jar
      - jboss-seam-debug.jar

      but all files ar there. Why I get these java.io.FileNotFoundException?

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          emrah seren Newbie

          Hi Sascha if you use some file like txt for read or write you have to check path of this files and if you dont use any files like this you can try Project - Clean..  i saw the same problem but i didnt remember what i did..

          if you didnt find the solitions last option is open properties for project and seam settings and try to chech deployment link.. you can see browse and when you click you can select carsClass-ejb then apply

          i hope you can find solition of your problem..

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            Sascha Hoffmann Newbie

            With jboss 6 the problem doesn't appear but with jboss 5.x i can not find a solution. In the internet a few people say that this is a jboss problem. Jboss 5.x have generally problems with seam 2.2.x.

            Is this right?