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    JSF message bundles with Seam are not working in a cluster

    Mason Harding Newbie

      Hi all.  I have an EJB, annoted with the following...

          public class FriendInviteImpl implements FriendInvite, Serializable, Mutable {
              private String addtlMessageBundle = org.jboss.seam.international.Messages.instance().get("com.fivi.defaultInviteFriendsAddtlMessage");

      I have also tried with

          private String friendsInviteMessageUserMessageBundle;

      in components.xml I have


      and in my message bundle I have

          com.fivi.defaultInviteFriendsAddtlMessage=my test message here

      When I view this on my dev machine, the value of friendsInviteMessageUserMessageBundle will be my test message here, however on a 2 node cluster (jBoss AS 5.1) one of the servers will have my test message here, and the other will have a value of com.fivi.defaultInviteFriendsAddtlMessage

      Any ideas?