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    Help Deploying Ejb3 and seam ejb-jar and invoking from a seam war file

    Joao Cunha Newbie


      I'm a newbie in Seam and I'm facing some problems regarding the use of Seam.
      First, we are starting a big application and I'm evaluating the solution of using seam and Ejb3, but we would like to have an Ejb jar only with the Ejb beans and seam anotations and a war file. In the war file we would like to call ejb3/seam beans but we are facing some problems because the component is not found.
      This would be only for developing and the final deploy would be like an ear. We are trying like this so the web developer(s) can use hot deployment feature, so we can improve development feature.

      We are using:
      jBoss 5.1
      seam jboss-seam-2.2.1
      in production the as will be weblogic

      my ejb jar structure:

      - ejbModule
         - org.... classes package
         - META-INF
             - ejb-jar.xml
             - persistence.xml
         - seam.properties
         - components.properties

      But still with no result.

      Last, I'd like to ask you a question. Like I said, we are evaluating Seam and we are a little worried that seam is not being used for the last year, specialy the 2.x version. Is it true, or do you think that is still a valuable and valide option.

      Sorry for my english.
      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards