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    Problem with seam persistence context

    kamal perera Newbie

      Hi Guys,
      I'm quite new to SEAM and JPA. When I was working on editing some fields that are taken from the database, I found that the edited data is persisted even I called an ajax request for a different task. I found out this is happening because of the seam managed persistence context of the entity. But I'm not sure what can I do for this issue.

      Thank You

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          Leo van den berg Master


          This is not a Seam-problem, but a Rich feature. Read the documentation of the ajax-submit very cerafully, because without proper configuration ajax will submit every submitable item on your page.

          Wrap blocks in a4j:region and set all appropiate attribues on the a4j.support. Things like limitToList, eventQueue, timing aspects etc. should be carefully configured. If you have different tasks on your page, give each one its own form.