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    Start SEAM ???

    Đỗ Phú Newbie

      Hi, u guys!

      I just read some introductions about SEAM. But I don't know how so start?
      I want to known what's the difference from SEAM 2 - 3 and WELD ? What is the current Framework  for building a application ??? and what is the most importtant in SEAM that i need to learn ???

      p/s : My English is not good, thks if u try to read and help

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          Leo van den berg Master


          You have arrived at this forum, so you're clicking a bit too low on the hyperlinks. Start with Seam 2, getting started, documentation and download contains all the information you need to learn Seam. The Seam 3 and Weld stuff is under construction stuff and definitely not for starting with Seam.The most important part of Seam depends on the things your boss (or somebody else who pays your salary) has asked you to realise in an almost imposible timespan.

          Welcome to the wonderful world of Seam and be patient.


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            Đỗ Phú Newbie

            Thanks Leo! I think I should start, right now