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    reRender in <ui:include How To Do

    leod leod Newbie


      I have any problem and I do not find solution after search .

      I want to include Page1.xhtml and Page2.xhtml into mainPage.xhtml
      in Page1.xhtml i want to reRender a form into Page2.xhtml

      mainPage.xhtml looks like this :

       <!-- Product Search part -->
       <ui:include src="/include/productsearch.xhtml"/>
       <!-- Product Selection-->
       <ui:include src="/include/productselection.xhtml"/>

      and productsearch.xhtml is look like this :

      <a4j:commandButton styleClass="leftWithMargin" id="mysearch" action="#{ProductSelectionBean.LoadProductSelectionDataTable(NewProductBean.typeCompare,NewProductBean.productCodeWildCard,NewProductBean.activityproduct,NewProductBean.typeproduct,NewProductBean.typecriteria)}" image="/img/search.png" reRender="productsearch">
                                      <rich:toolTip value="Search"></rich:toolTip>

      and productselection.xhtml is look like this :

      <rich:dataTable styleClass="newProductProductSelection" value="#{ProductSelectionBean.productSelectionCollection}" id="productsearch" var="productsearch" rows="15">
                                              <rich:column id="select" styleClass="w20">
                                                      <f:facet name="header">
                                                              <h:outputText value="SELECT" />

      I know that is not possible to do that , my question is how to do with other method
      Please give me an exemple

      Thanks in advance