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    storeRow is executed every time I call a business method

    Larry Newbie

      I was diagnosing slow performance on a new application and discovered that every time my program references a business method on an entity bean, the storeRow method of that entity bean gets executed. My Oracle server is hitting the disk every time, writing the same row over and over in a "for" loop, even though none of the values have changed.

      This is happening for several beans. All work perfectly except for this and all are BMP and CMT (with required transaction). Am I overlooking some setting somewhere that can prevent this? Is this a driver issue or Jboss issue? Environment is Jboss 2.4.0/Tomcat 3.2.3/Oracle 8.1.7/Oracle type 4 driver/Win2000-SP2 on both Oracle server and Jboss machine. Thanks for any advice.