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    Using CDBean with Interbase

    xxlfalcon Newbie

      I want to use the CDBean example with Interbase. Only JBoss and Interbase will not let you create a table with a field named 'type'. It looks like 'type' is some kind of reserve word.

      To get a work-around i want to map the field 'type' of the bean to a database field 'type_'. I have done this by creating a jaws.xml file. I have placed this file in the META-INF directory and the file is included in my cd.jar file. The contents of the jaws.xml file is listed below.

      If i start JBoss the cd.jar is deployed. The table is created correctly. Only after deploying the CDBean JBoss hangs when it needs to deploy the CDCollectionBean. Do i need to include a CDCollectionBean section inside my jaws.xml file.

      Does anyone know another way to work-around this Interbase feature.

      Thanks Harry

      [J2eeDeployer] Create application cd.jar
      [Container factory] Deploying CDBean
      [Container factory] Deploying CDCollectionBean




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          xxlfalcon Newbie

          I have read somewhere that the InterClient driver had problems to determine if a table already exists. I have changed the following tag inside my jaws.xml file.


          It looks like all is working correctly. Im able to execute 'ant cmp-cd-list' and 'ant cmp-cd-upload'.

          This problem is solved but any ideas about the 'type' database field will be helpfull.