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    preserving page params with dynamically created richfaces tabs

    Jukka Kaijansinkko Newbie
      I have a question regarding dynamically generated RichFaces tabs. Problem is that page parameters are not preserved when I click to open a tab
      created like this:

      I have

               <rich:tabPanel switchType="server" selectedTab="#{foo.selectedTab}" immediate="true" ajaxSingle="true" bypassUpdates="true">
                      <c:forEach items="#{foo.tabs}" var="tab">
                          <rich:tab name="#{tab.id}" switchType="server" action="#{foo.activateTab(tab.id)}">

              <param name="selectedTab" value="#{foo.selectedTab}"/>

              <navigation from-action="#{foo.activateTab(tabId)}">
                  <redirect />

      When I click on a tab, I'm expecting to see selectedTab preserved in the URL, but this is not the case, and I'm trying to figure out why, any ideas?

      Best regards,