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    is passivation occuring in default JBoss and Seam configuration please ?

    Chris Katsuo Newbie


      I read the section Chapter 35. Clustering and EJB Passivation from the documentation of Seam 2.2.1.CR2( the most updated doc for Seam 2 as far as I can see).

      As far as I understood:

      - if the components of an application are session- or conversation-scoped JavaBean components, there won't be passivated in the default JBoss and Seam configuration since passivation apply to SFSB only ( following the configuration defined in ejb3-interceptor-aop.xml)

      - if we are not in a clustered environment, there won't be Http Session passivation.
      ( cf. But what happens when the HTTP session passivates? This happens in a clustered environment with session replication enabled. from the doc)

      - if <core:init distributable="true"/> is not set, the components won't be correctly passivation capable
      (cf. The MEI serves two distinct scenarios (EJB passivation and HTTP session passivation) from the doc)

      could you please confirm if I understood correctly or not ?

      my concret question is actually:
      all our components are defined like this

      public class DeclarationActionsBean extends BaseActionsBean implements Serializable, FormulaireActions {
      public static final String SEAM_NAME = "declarationActions";

      i.e. with no annotation @Stateless or @Stateful

      and core:init is inialized through our components.xml like this

      <component name="org.jboss.seam.core.init">
          <property name="debug">false</property>
          <property name="myFacesLifecycleBug">false</property>
          <property name="jndiPattern">nuxeo/#{ejbName}/local</property>

      could you please tell me if there is any reason that could cause the passivation on our Seam components ?

      as far as I have seen, it is not the case, but I would prefer that Seam experts confirm my understanding :)

      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Best regards,

      JBoss version: 4.2.3 GA
      Seam version: 2.0.3.CR1