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    Problems with seam-bay

    Marco Barber Newbie

      Hey there,

      I want to test the performance of the Jboss AS with clustering and software load-balancing, for new projects in my Company.

      Therefore I have a running Jboss AS 5.1.0 GA and SEAM 2.2.0.GA with openJDK 1.6 and MySQL 5.0.77 Connection on a CentOS 5.5 x64

      But before I can test clustering and load-balancing I need a working example.

      I thought Seam-bay would be a nice one.

      So I changed the database connection to mysql.

      The deployment with ANT works really fine, but in Jboss I've got some strange errors from the import.sql

      First I changed all table names due to errors with case-shift..
      Now everything works fine until I want to place a bid..

      I recieve following error

      Data too long for column 'account' at row 1

      when I change the  Datatype of account in the table bids from tinyblob to Longblob,
      bidding is no longer a problem, but where can i change this value, so that the Jboss starts with longblob?

      Next question:
      How can I Save the application, so that after a restart of Jboss I still have my custom users, bids, and auctions?

      and last but not least:
      Is there a easy possibility to put the system under heavy load?
      Will be a Selenium script the right way?