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    Seam does not instantiate components after redeploy under load

    Thomas Gerhards Newbie

      If I redeploy while the application is still getting requests then Seam does not instantiate some components (and will not until I redeploy again).

      Normally the SLSB below is constructed ("bookDetails constructed" appears in the log), outjects a Book and the xhtml page displays it.

      When I redeploay under load then the page does not display the book and there is no construction message in the log. Repeating the request does not help, the SLSB will not be constructed and the page remains empty.

      --- SLSB ---

      public class BookDetailsAction implements BookDetails {
      private Book book;
      public void construct(){ log.info("bookDetails constructed"); }

      --- bookDetails.xhtml ---


      Has anyone else encountered this issue (and maybe even knows why this happens)?