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    begginner - searching "seam for dummies" tutorial :)

    Serban Alexe Newbie

      Greetings everybody !

      I'm new to this forum and new to seam as well.
      My questions are about finding some suitable documentation sources and tutorials for somebody without any kind of experience regarding seam framework.

      My technical experience is J2SE and some application business modules, but I have no in-depth knowledge regarding JavaEE technology.
      All I have is some superficial knowledge resulted from just occasionally browsing summary info about EJB, Hibernate and JSP.

      Now I need to build the minimal knowledge base in order to start working with Seam Framework, under JBoss Application Server.

      Can anybody help me to determine a learning path that I would need to follow ?

      What are the basic knowledge prerequisites in order to be able to understand the seam framework ?
      What concepts should I be familiar with ?
      Any tutorials that I should read ? Any useful (summary) documentation sources ?

      Thank you.