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    StatusMessages are always global

    Wolfgang Bergbauer Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am adding a simple StatusMessage to my page with seam.
      The problem is that the message seems always to be global. It appears in the global Message section and in the messagePanel I added for displaying any messages.

      adding Message:

      StatusMessages.instance().addToControlFromResourceBundle("form1:messagePanel",StatusMessage.Severity.WARN, message, new Object[] { "test" });

      included Message panel:

           <rich:panel id="messagePanel">
                <h:messages id="messages" globalOnly="false" styleClass="message"
                     errorClass="errormsg" infoClass="infomsg" warnClass="warnmsg"

      In addition I have the usual

       <rich:messages globalOnly="true"></rich:messages>

      in one of my templates.

      The message I am throwing is always displayed twice. In the messagePanel and also in the globalOnly section.

      I tested this several times. It works when I do not use the Seam StatusMessage but the JSF FacesMessage. But I need the Seam component since I want the messages to survive redirects.

      Thanks for your help,