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    Some, but not all page actions will be stopped after the response completed by a redirect

    Wulf Rowek Newbie
      On the pages component there is a method preRender, triggering all the page actions. it takes the page stack for the current view and iterates over this stack and calling the actions defined in each page definition.

      Within one page definition (i.e. for /*), after calling one action and before calling the next, it will be checked, if the response is completed. Let's assume a redirect was triggered and the response is complete now, the other page actions will not be called anymore. the method returns to the page stack iteration. Now the next page definition comes into play (i.e. for /home.xhtml) and starts calling its own page actions.

      now the first action will be called, even the response is completed. in my opinion, this is not a well-defined behaviour, cause yet the next defined action will not be called, due to the response completed check. I could understand it, if all pages actions will be called or no one, but only the first is confusing me.

      i would suggest to move the response completed check before a page action will be called instead of afterwards. So that really no other page action will be called anymore, even a action defined in another page definition.

      What do you think? Is the definied behaviour wanted or is it just a bug?