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    inject pure EJB3 into a pojo seam component

    siegfried nibelung Newbie

      is it possible (in general) to inject a pure S(L/F)SB into a pojo Seam component. by using @In?

      I tried something like this:

      public MyEJB implements MyEJBInterface {


      @Name("seamComponent") public MyComponent {
        @In("MyEJB", create=true) MyEJBInterface myEJB;


      both classes are in a separate ejb project beside a seam WEB/EAR project. The ejb-jar.xml exists within the ejb-project and the jndi-pattern in my components.xml matches the EAR-project "ear-project/#{ejbName}/local

      but if the EJB is a pure EJB3 without seam's @Name the DI does'nt work.

      is this behavior the excepted? or anything wrong?

      what are conditions to this approach