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    how to check an object is not null in XHTML

    Tina Ng Newbie


      I have an entity OPERATION who contains 2 other entities PREST AND CONSIGNE (can be null)

      public class Operation implements Serializable {
          private long               id;
          private Prestation         prestation;
          private Consigne           consigne;

      I retrieve a list of operation in action and declare it as @DataModel

       private List<Operation>  operations;

      In xhtml file, I need to show a list of operation who is either PREST or CONSIGNE. Each of them have different properties.

      public class Prest implements
              java.io.Serializable {
          private long                   id;
          private int                    numeroGca;
          private Eftco                  eftco;

      public class Consigne implements Serializable {
          private long                   id;
          private String                 code;

      I don't know how to check if OPERATION contains PREST or CONSIGNE in XHTML in order to get their property to show in DataTable.
      Please help me!