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    Any thoughts on plugging a Seam app into other application?

    Tomasz Wilczynski Newbie


      I would really apprieciate any opinion on my problem, which is rather conceptual than technical. A while ago I developed quite a big Seam 2.0.1 application. It heavily uses EJB, Richfaces, Seam components, Seam pageflow javascript, etc, in other words is rich in every layer.

      Now it seems that I have to make this application a part of a bigger appliction which is yet to be written, presumably by some other company. Let's call that app XYZ. Is was suggested to me that my Seam application could be plugged in as a portlet into XYZ, to be displayed in iframe/popup/tab after clicking some link in XYZ.

      The requirement is that I need some data to be send from XYZ to the Seam app (like client id etc), and vice versa, after finishing pageflow, some result should be send back.

      So my questions are:
      1) Is it doable, and is it the best idea to use portlets?
      2) What should I use to give my app portlet capabilities, and is this technology determined by the thechnology used in XYZ? Should I enforce anything on XYZ creators?
      3) Any thoughts in the topic - is this going to be pain?

      Many thanks,