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    Seam2 & Bea 10.0 MP1: JAAS

    Alexander Bell Newbie


      I'm running on Bea 10.0 MP1 with the latest Seam2 Release.
      I want to use the JAAS implementation from Bea with Seam so I wrote the following lines in components.xml

      <security:identity jaas-config-name="myrealm" />
      <web:authentication-filter auth-type="basic" />

      When the server starts I get the following exception:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No Configuration was registered that can handle the configuration named myrealm

      My config/config.xml contains the following lines of code:


      I've found few articles on the web regarding that problem (e.g. http://drools-java-rules-engine.46999.n3.nabble.com/Using-JAAS-with-BRMS-on-Weblogic-td63939.html)
      Unfortunately I'm not able to adjust the -D startup parameters because of the companies integration department which is responsible for the deployment.

      Is there another way to use seam security without passing parameters on the bea-startup?

      If I declare the security-constrains via web.xml everythink works fine. Can I use s:hasRole or @In Identity i for instance when I configure the security via web.xml?

      Thanks in advance.