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    Seam Identity Login Fails With More Than One User In User Table?

    Kevin Merritt Newbie

      I am having a strange problem when using the built in Seam login/identity functionality.  With only one user in my user table, I am able to authenticate correctly using the identity.login action. 

      However, when I add more users to the user table, I am unable to authenticate ANY of the users, even the one that I was previously able to authenticate when there was only one user in the table. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.  I am totally stuck at this point.

      For simplicity in testing I am using a VERY basic setup in my User entity.  My Seam version is 2.2.0 GA and JBoss 5.1.0 GA.  I am deploying to a war. 


      @Column(unique = true)
      private String userName;
      private String password;
      private boolean enabled;
      @OneToMany(mappedBy = "user")
      private Set<UserRoleVO> userRoles = new HashSet<UserRoleVO>(0);