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      • 15. Re: Invalidate session on specific page

        Shervin Asgari wrote on Oct 22, 2010 04:38:


        <page login-required="false" view-id="/pages/register/public/*">
                    <rule if="#{not empty sessionContext.get('tooBusy') and sessionContext.get('tooBusy') == true}">
                        <redirect view-id="/pages/register/public/toobusy.xhtml"/>

        Then you remove the other one.

        From the glance I can see the pages.xml looks a little strange.
        Remember that you cannot have a wildcard saying /pages/register/ is login required and
        then another saying /pages/register/public/
        is not login required.

        I am at least not sure what will happen.

        Thanks for your reply, but this doesn't work. I'm still looking for the right solution.

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