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    Primefaces wizard

    Hanyu Shang Newbie

      Hi, everyone.

           Im trying to get the primefaces wizard working in seam. But I kept losing the information which entered in the previous tab of the wizard. Its the time when I specify the @Scope to component as session or application, the wizard record the entered information. But when I change the @Scope to conversation, it won't work, anybody has an idea?

      Thanks in advance.

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          henry katz Newbie

          Thanks for confirming why I have been pulling my hair out this afternoon having encountered the similar situation as you had last winter.

          Interestingly enough, I have determined that the initial assignment to
          my component's property of the binding attribute of the wizard works then appears to go out of scope.

          My main issue is that my page action was triggered on the earlier version before the primefaces wizard using a RF tabpanel and detecting
          where the user was by recording which tab was selected and firing the
          correct action in the page.xml. Now I attempt to do the same but the flowlistener of the wizard is triggered after the page action is triggered.

          Anyone get this combination of seam page.xml in conjunction with PF
          wizard working?


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            Leo van den berg Master


            put log-lines at the various methods to see if things are written to the bean properties in the first place. Besides that chech the conversation, because although you put Conversation scope on a bean, to be able to save state it has to be a Long-running conversation. So you need a bgin-annotation or something in your page-definition.

            last but not least: Prime components function a lot better inside ajax-outputpanels and update to the latest version.If you're using the JSF 1.x branch, there is a 1.1.version hidden in the Prime-SVN repository. Be aware that 1.1 is no longer supported, because the prime-guys just want to be the first in JSF 2.x support.


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              Hanyu Shang Newbie

              Hi, I finally solved the problem by changing the scope from conversion to page or session(not actually solved it but get around it). I tried the begin and end annotation, but didn't work for me.
              Waiting for seam to support JSF 2.

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                henry katz Newbie


                I solved the problem by rearranging the order of my call backs to work in the order that occurs, seam page action followed by primefaces flowhandler.
                I may try the p:wizard inside an a4j:outputPanel as currently I suspect I am
                troubleshooting a jQuery issue manifesting itself as a browser issue where the wizard
                works in FF, Chrome but not IE7.

                I did maintain conversation scope and verified that the bean is persisted in the debugger.