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    TestNG Seam ComponentTest is slooooooooowww ?

    Paul Keogh Novice
      Can anyone suggest why a simple Seam ComponentTest takes 50 seconds to execute on an otherwise fast laptop with 4GB of memory ?

      The test is;

      `     @Test
           public void testMappingSuccess () throws Exception {
              new ComponentTest() {
                  protected void testComponents() throws Exception {
                       Assert.assertEquals (false, true);     

      I'm a nagging suspicion that it could be related to a recent upgrade I made in JBoss tools....


      When I turn up the debug level I can see that most of the time is spent here;

      [Invoker 2081531] Invoking @BeforeSuite org.jboss.seam.mock.SeamTest.startSeam()