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    Jquery load() with seam

    Ben Vanberg Newbie
      I'm working on creating a dialog within my Seam application that uses JQuery dialog. I am grabbing the content of the dialog by making a request for the page content in the dialog. Something like this:


      This creates a new div on the current page, loads it's content from the specified page, and then opens it in a dialog.

      The problem comes working with anything in the form which is loaded in the dialog. I immediately get an error from JSF indicating that the view has expired because viewRoot is null. ViewExpiredException is thrown and seam I'm forwarded to an application message informing me that my session has expired. This isn't really the case because I can navigate within the application from here and the session is still in tact. Somehow I'm losing some key state when performing actions in the dialog (validation with s:validate, h:commandButton, etc.).

      Any thoughts on what is wrong with my scenario?