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    Seam directory structure

    Hugh Lomas Newbie
      Hi. I'm new to Seam and JavaEE, though I am excited to work with it.

      One issue that is somewhat confusing for me is the directory structure for seam generated EAR projects.

      For example: http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.1.0.GA/en/seam/html/directory_structure.html

      Can someone please explain purpose of the /src/ folder in the main project directory?

      For example, if my project was named "seamproject" like the one in the above link, seam-gen would create:


      Given the above structure, I am wondering what belongs in seamproject/src/? I realize that this may be up to the discretion of the coder and the purpose / architecture of the application, but what would this folder generally be used for?

      Thank you.