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    Multiple wars: Contexts.getSessionContext() is null in other war

    deadlock gr Newbie

      Hey all,

      I am using Seam 2.2.1.CR1 on Weblogic 10.3.2 and JSF 1.2.

      I have an ear application with 2 war files. When I set things in the Session context in the first web application:

      Contexts.getSessionContext().set("pimUser", pimUser);

      I cannot access it in the other web application:

      PimUser user1 = (PimUser) Contexts.getSessionContext().get("pimUser");

      I noticed that the Javadoc of the



      Provides access to the current contexts associated with the thread.

          Gavin King
          Thomas Heute

      Does this mean that the 2 war files are supposed to have different Contexts.getSessionScope()?

      I found a way which does allow me to access it through the Session like this:

      PimUser user2 = (PimUser) httpRequest.getSession().getAttribute("pimUser");

      The latter way, however does not seem to be a correct one. I would like to access Seam session context through Seam.

      I found that there used (?) to be issues with Seam and multi-war appplications, however, these must have been resolved by 2.2.0.GA.