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    deadlock problem with interbase

    jeff seaman Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am using interbase accessed via an entity bean. From a stateless session bean I perform a findByPrimaryKey operation. I do this for a loop of 10,000 keys. Everything works well till I get two clients going with two session beans after restart of jboss. When I first start up things go well fo a time and then I get the following exe:

      [NmsUserCollectionBean] java.rmi.ServerException: Store failed; nested exception
      [NmsUserCollectionBean] interbase.interclient.DeadlockException: [interc
      lient][interbase] deadlock
      [NmsUserCollectionBean] update conflicts with concurrent update

      This only happens when the entity beans are activated if I run the same code agaain and again it works as long as the entity beans haven't been passivated.

      Any ideas?