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    Seam export excel, adding two headings and display the date in the file name

    kamal perera Newbie


      I have two problems where I tried various ways but still couldn't succeed.
      One is I want to display two headings above the columns in my excel report. I was able to add one using,

      <e:worksheet value="#{completedTaskList}" var="item">
            <f:facet name="header">
               <e:cell value="Purchase Report - #{Production.name}" style="xls-alignment: CENTRE; xls-font-bold:true; xls-font-size:14;" />

      but failed to add two headings. Can any one suggest me a way for that?

      the other issues is I want the current date to be part of the file name. And with out constructing the file name on the  server can we have a way to add the date in to the file name provided that we have the current date in a variable?

      Thanks every one.