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    Integration of Seam into existing JBoss application

    Mike Relac Newbie

      I am new to Seam and am trying to determine if it is possible to integrate Seam 2.2.0 into our existing JBoss 5.1.0-based JSF/Richfaces project using Netbeans 6.9.1 (target object is an ear). There are many examples of generating a new application using seam-gen; however, that is not an option for us because of a substantial investment in our existing product.
      Questions: 1)In all the Seam examples I saw, the ejb module and the web module had the same root name, with .jar and .war extensions, respectively. Is this just coincidence or does Seam require this naming scheme? 2)If the root name of the war and the ejb module must be the same, is it possible to have more than one ejb module configured in the ear? My thinking is that I could leave our existing ejb module as is and add a new ejb module dedicated to Seam (with same root name as the war). 3) For guidance, I am using

      Seam Framework, 2nd Ed. Michael Yuan, Jacob Orshalick, Tohmas Heute

      specifically Section 2.7, Configuration and Packaging. Can anyone recommend any other references, especially those related to integrating Seam into an existing application?