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    Used Back Button => show FacesMessage

    Martin Dames Newbie


      I enabled the back button feature in my jpdl pageflow with back enabled and Seam does'nt complain anymore (Illegal navigation) if Im using browser back/forward button. Ok... But, I the views aren'nt in the state which their were in as I used it in the normal navigation way. I have to use the reload button to get the correct state. For example listshuttle:
      - I moved one item from left to right
      - navigate with my normal next button (not browser button)
      - do some stuff in the next showing view
      - press browser back button
      - on the right side of the listshuttle the item isn't displayed.
      - pressing browser reload button it is displayed again

      So, I'd like to show the user a message, that he has used the browser navigation buttons and the displayed view might not be up to date.

      How can I show a message when the user used browser back button?

      Thank you!