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    Seam Debug Console

    lholmquist Newbie

      This is more of a can you do this than a problem.  I'm viewing an object that i have in a conversation in the debug console.  This object also holds another object.  That field shows up as package.classname@numbers .  is there any way to make that clickable so i can see what is stored in it. 

      not really sure if it can be done,  it would just be convenient i guess.  

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          Tim Evers Master

          The Seam debug page does not really allow drilling down into the values of Seam bean properties.

          If you start wanting to do this then maybe look into remote debugging for your server. This will allow you to step through the executed code using your IDE. When you are doing this you can inspect variable values and even run small snippets of code to check things.

          The debug page is really more about looking at what's inside a particular conversation or scope.

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            lholmquist Newbie

            That's what i figured.   I use IntelliJ so i already do remote debugging and i can step through fine.