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    Typical memory usage

    Chris Chris Newbie


      I'm running a quite simple seam (2.2.0) application written from scratch.

      I would like to host this one on the net and hired a private tomcat server with 128 MB.

      I'm quite affraid to see I even can't run 2 instances of my app on this server without getting a permgen space error.
      So I decided to very simply print out directly on the requested pages some basic memory information from the MemoryMXBean.
      Then I realized that the mem usage was from 40 to 110 MB only for 1 application (1 war).

      I think this is quite a lot for what I think is a simple app. For the moment, my biggest DB table contains only 200 records !

      1) Is this a normal SEAM behaviour ? or do I have to suspect my code ?

      2) At what level could I share some part of the project but keeping different wars for different apps ? Do you have some main guides to reference on this topic ?

      Many thanks,