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    JMS and AJAX Push

    Gordon Deudney Newbie

      I have looked at several threads that use AJAX Push with JMS. 
      This thread http://seamframework.org/103606.lace
      I was curious if there was a way to have Ajax push with JMS and still be clustered. 
      From what I have read application scoped beans cannot be clustered though I have not found the reason why.

      Leo, if you read this thread I would appreciate any help you can provide?


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          Leo van den berg Master

          Hi Gordon,

          As far as  I know, JMS - the JBOSS one I mean - can be used in a clustered environment and Sesm can use these services without a problem. After using different user warning componentss based on Seam/Ajax, I'm back to JMS. Simply because the Seam event component is designed for single/simple applications. Seam is Web based and the Application.based components are not Enterprise beans.As mentioned by Nikolay in other threads, there is no such thing as an Applications scoped bean because it really is a web application bean.  It is as simple as that.

          The Seam support for JMS is not that great (I even have encountered NPE's !!)  , so the best thing you can do is use your own code. Writing a simple JMS reader is not that complex. Make sure that everything is nicely created and destroyed (always clean up/close everything): Just use the create and destroy annotated methods to do this.  If you can use EJB3, use MDB's because they REALLY work great and can be integrated with Seam easily.

          All normal AppServer services such as JMS can be configured as high availibility services. I am NOT a clustering expert, but as clustering is handled by the server;  it's not a matter of programming, but configuring.