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    Conversation management on a main page and inner pages in that main page with nested conversations

    Hakan Moral Newbie


      We are a new company developing a mid-size enterprise application using jboss stack (seam, richfaces, jboss as, hibernate etc.)
      At the backend postgresql is used as the main eis.

      We will have a main page like in the photoalbum demo. However, we have a serious worry about the page management.
      This is planned for the first release of the application. Conversation management in that main page is the first concern and the second is the performance issues. Planned management strategy is to have a main conversation for the main page itself and nested conversations for the requested pages inside the main page. Help on the strategy on starting and ending these nested conversations is appreciated. We are planning to have ConversationManager component which will observe and manage the conversations opened nested in the main page conversation and therefore the conversations will be given names (natural conversation) and etc... 

      I am curious about whether anybody applied a conversation management in one main page loading the requested pages into one part of that main page, and the performance issues on this design. Also the MVC pattern applied in the photoalbum demo application is a state of the art application of that pattern, again however we have doubt on performance about this design for a midsized ent. app.

      I will be looking forward for your comments on these, thanks in advance.

      Hakan MORAL