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    Cannot do get method on every entity beans return by findAll

    YahendraM Newbie

      Problem: Cannot do get on each bean in the collection
      Env: I use JBoss-2.4.1_Tomcat-3.2.3 on Linux Redhat 7.0. JDK 1.3. Database is Cloudscape 3.6 using RmiJdbc
      Descr: I build a simple BMP bean. The transcation attribute is declared to be REQUIRED. On the client (Web-client) I try to enumerate all the entity bean. After succescfully querying (using the findAll() ), I do get in each entity bean in the collection. But after several beans the jboss throw exception like this:
      java.sql.SQLException ...............
      This happened in the loadRow of the ith bean. This is happend wether or not the client has the transaction declaration. So I think there is no wrong in the beans implemetation, because the previous beans were OK. I think this is a problem in the db pool engine, Has anyone known this issue and how to fix it? I have read the list and it may cause by the locking mechanism, but I still cannot get a firm solution for this