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    RichFaces DataTable

    Andre Hopkins Newbie
      I am pretty new to Seam.  I have a GUI page that allows a user to select/input values into a row of a dataTable using via richComboBox, inputTextBox and selectItemList constructs.  The user may choose to make changes on various rows on the page.  Once they are finished, they click the SUBMIT button and at this point I need to process their input. 

      NOTE*** The dataTable is composed of objects of type TaskingData ****

      Question 1 - How do I process the various rows/objects of TaskingData in my Java code?  I.E., is there an attribute that I can bind the TaskingData objects to and subsequently process them in my Java code?  The biggest problem I am having is understanding how to pass multiple edited rows to my Java code and process it.  Any feedback would be much appreciated.