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    RichFaces file upload problem, please

    hantsy bai Master

      I used the richfaces and seam 2.2.1RC2 in projects, and encountered a strange problem.
      Like the demo I added the following to the SeamFilter(I found the MultipartFilter has no effect in Rich File Upload, it is only for s:fileUpload, right ?).


      The problem is :

      1.   When user click the Clear ALL button, why the maxFileQuanities are not reset, how to reset the counter???...I have  tried the solution, added an extra button to clear an it did not work in my machine, the difference is that I used a Conversation scoped Seam component instead of the Session scoped JSF backend bean(in the live demo).

      2. Is there a way to remove the maxFileQuanities attrbute and enable mutil file uploading? I do not want the file limitation in this case.