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    SOAPRequestHandler seam 1.2.1

    Alessandro Behling Newbie

      I am doing a bit of work on an old seam build, 1.2.1GA to be precise. I am building a web service layer which is talking to the underlying system. I am aware of the fact that Seam 2.* comes with a nice and handy SOAPRequestHandler which set things right (contexts, etc) 'automagically' for you, things which I have now done manually and even though I got it all working, I don't like the look of it.

      Having the major part of the infrastructure work in place, I am now after cleaner solution which the way I see, would pretty much be achieved by the SOAPRequestHandler.

      So, my query is: has any one out there ever integrated seam 1.2.1GA with the SOAP handler? is there such a thing like a patch that might have been made available which uses the soap handler? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this.

      My build is on top of JBoss4.0.5GA with jbossWS-2.0.3GA, and even though I would love to move on to a newer version, the bottom line is I can't for various reasons which are out of my control.