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    Redirect user to page without being authenticated.

    Jidlafe Hegner Newbie

      Good afternoon.
      After several searches in the forum, I decided to open this topic.

      My Problem:
      On first access the application I want to force all users who have system-generated password to change this.

      Using the events: org.jboss.seam.security.loginSuccessful

      I can know which user has logged in and password status. I can redirect them using:


      but only if it still logged in the system.

      However, I like to use - Identity.instance().logout();
      that He (current user) can not navigate between the pages manually typing in the browser.

      Therefore, it is possible to redirect the user to view a particular page
      but He is logged into the system.

      I've tried to define by means of navigation, separate directories, set to false, the login-required false and even extend the Redirect and unsuccessfully.

      I appreciate your cooperation

      Sorry for the english google,

      Thanks - Jidlafe Hegner