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    nonUnique parameter

    omid pourhadi Apprentice

      I have 3 entities movie, comment, license there is a onetomany relation between movie and two
      other entities i want to know how i can load comments and license for a specific movie in same page by passing movieId
      what i've done two classes extends entityQuery

      licenseQuery.java restriction

      private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {"ml.movieId.id = #{mlicense.movieId.id}",};

      comment.java restriction

      private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {"cc.movieId.id = #{communityComment.movieId.id}",};

      the problem is i cannot define page parameter for two different restriction in ccList.page.xml

      <param name="movieId" value="#{communityComment.movieId.id}" />
      <param name="movieId" value="#{mlicense.movieId.id}" /> // this cause problem how can i overcome

      link to load data

      <s:link view="/ccList.xhtml" value="movieInfoView ">                                   
      <f:param name="movieId" value="#{_mov.id}"/>