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    Problem creating a table with a Date field in CMP on MS SQL

    Chandu Newbie

      Hello World,
      I am trying to deploy a Simple CMP bean with a java.sql.Date field as one of the properties. The bean get deployed without any problems. But doesnt create any table in the MS SQLServer database. The driver I am using is Opta2000. The changes in the jboss.jcml file is included below:

      <!-- JDBC -->



      where debut is the system name where my MS SQL Server 7.0 resides.I have also tried with the jaws.xml in the bean. But that too doesnt work. The same bean works fine for Oracle 8i database. The problem exists only for the SQL Server database and only for the Date field. Does the jboss2.2.2 CMP has problems with the Date field? Or does the Opta2000 Driver has problems with the Date field? I would be grateful if anyone can suggest me a way out of this.
      Thanx in advance.