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    conversation issue in 2.2.0

    sreehari ojili Newbie
      Seam Conversations are not working. I am implementing the registration functionality wherein if the user is successfully registered he is directed to a success page. In order to prevent saving of state I added conversation boundries through seam as below:

      First Approach
      1: Defined the scope of the bean as CONVERSATION
      2: Marked the create method in the bean with @begin annotation to begin the conversation.
      3: Marked another method(register) where the conversation should end with @end annotation.
      But the state is still maintained. The conversation does not end.

      Second approach
      1: For the page view id in pages.xml defined the default action as #{conversation.begin}
      2: On a rule outcome for the navigation ended the conversation using <end-conversation>

      But again the state is maintained.

      Please point out if something more has to be done to implement seam conversations in addition to the above mentioned.. Thanks in Advance...
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          Leo van den berg Master


          Can you be more specific and/or send some additional code, because the Seam conversation is working perfectly in whatever scenario you pick. Maybe you're a bit confused with what exactly IS a conversation, because there is ALWAYS one active. At the moment you use Begin or add an element to pages.xml, the conversation changes to a LONG-RUNNING conversation which is diretly related to the scope you defined at bean level. It is NOT THE SAME as a session which starts and is maintained when you initiate the communication.

          If you want to see how it works, try the Seam component Conversation and with the aid of log and the included conversation methods you should see how the conversation changes while you are accessing the bean with the methods.