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    JBoss ServiceUnavailableException using run.sh -b <hostAddress>

    Andre Hopkins Newbie

         I have built a JBoss Seam/RichFaces/JSF we-based GUI. The majority of my pages access a DataSource that I setup in JBoss, which provides a connection pooling interface to the underlying db tables.  This is working pretty seamlessly as I have been doing all of my development and unit testing using localhost.  This week, I tried to startup my webapp on a remote server (with JBoss/JBoss Seam installed) and have the GUI display locally on my linux desktop.  Unfortunately, I am not able to get JBoss to start cleanly as it throws a ServiceUnavailableException in the process.  I logged into the remote JBoss AS and issued the following configuration to display the GUI on my local workstation:   ./run.sh -b <myLocalWorkstationIPAddress>

      I checked the Resources on the remote application server and my queues, topics and datasources are all configured appropriately.  When I click on a page that requires me to access the datasource that I configured, my code seems to bomb out when trying to get the necessary JBoss Properties (i.e., ConnectionFactories, packages, ect) within the JBoss AS Context...which is needed in efforts to lookup my datasource.  Any ideas on what might be happening here?