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    Can't outject object from asynchronous observer?

    Lixin Meng Newbie

      Hi, guys, I am having a road block here, any help would be highly appreciated, the problem is: I have one page doing search then sending selected records to be processed, I need to show user the process is undergoing, so I need a progress bar. So, in this case, I have to (I guess) use Events.instance().raiseAsynchronousEvent ( I tried the raiseEvent(), it won't have the issue I described here,  but I lost progress bar, since progress bar can't get refreshed if I use sync Event). The problem is I need outject some objects back to context after the observer finishes it's process. but I don't get any data, the pointer I got where I injected in at next page is a null pointer. 

      I did some googling, only see more questions about asynchronousEvent, some also have my problem of can't outject, some even have persist issues. I am wondering whether it's a bug which has been fixed in newer version of Seam or it's me who didn't get the right way to use asynch event? is there any way I can have my event generator page be refreshed (keep my progress bar), meanwhile, the background observer can send my data back to the same scope? I am using CONVERSATION scope by the way, I tried APPLICATION, didn't help any.

      Thanks in advance for your advice,