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    Popping more than one conversation from the stack

    Victor Freire Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I've been searching for a way in Seam 2.2.0GA to pop more than one conversation from the stack without clearing the whole stack (end-root-conversation) but have been unable to find one. Let me show an example of what I mean.

      Suppose my conversation stack is this one (first one is the top of the stack):

      - View Item
      - Select Item

      Then I start a process to add a subitem to this item and at the end of this process the conversation stack is like this:

      - SubItem Created
      - Edit SubItem
      - Select subitem template
      - View Item
      - Select Item

      How can I go back to the original conversation stack? In other words: How can I remove Select subitem template and all the conversations above it from the stack?

      All my attempts to end the Select subitem template nested conversation only popped the SubItem Created conversation.

      Is my approach completely wrong? Any comments/suggestions apreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
      Victor Freire